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        Boltless shelving 
        Longspan shelving 
        Light Duty Shelving 
        Heavy Duty Racking 
        Vna Pallet Packing 
        Multi-tier Racking 
        Mezzanine Flooring 
        Drive-in Racking 
        Cantilever Racking 
        Heavy Duty Racking 
        Roller Racking 
        Draw-out Racking 
        Automoble Fittings Rack 
        Moble Shelving 
        AS/RS/ System 
        Steel Pallet 
        Steel feed box 
        Folding Mesh Container 
        Work Bench 
        Instrument Cabinet 
        Iockers and Tool Cabinet 
        Hanger Racking 
        Plastic Platform 
        Plastic Container 
        Folding Load Carrier 

        Quality commitment
        1, the Company and strength of steel shelves are in line with the State Ministry of Machinery Industry Standard JB/T5323-91 "welded steel structure warehouse shelf technology";
        2, at full load, the load-bearing beam deflection is not more than L/250mm;
        3, the main structure of the shelf are used in Baosteel steel sheet;
        4, shelf profiles used in cold rolling mill from the factory, automatic punching machine, bending machine and other specialized equipment, testing equipment and instruments by the corresponding test;
        5, the base reference to national standards such as welding, ensuring uniform weld, solid, no loose weld, Weld Phenomena;
        6, shelves and accessories for surface preparation and painting are in the advanced automatic spraying line to complete its process: Rust / skim / dryer / electrostatic spraying / drying / packaging test storage, consistent coating quality GB9628 standard requirements.

        Commitment to quality assurance during
        1. Shelf system of quality guarantee period is one year after acceptance. Quality guarantee period, the shelf system of any quality problems, we will provide free services;
        2, shelf systems, such as failure, the company promised within 12 hours after receiving the information to develop maintenance programs, within 24 hours of technical and maintenance personnel dispatched to the scene to solve the problem. In the case of quality problems will replace the damaged parts free of charge;
        3, companies hand I regularly have contact with the user return visit, asked about the use of the shelf.

        Commitment to quality assurance of external
        System after one year after acceptance of service for the quality assurance of external services, the company has the responsibility to provide life-long service, this service offers a paid service: to ensure price in the future work to provide all the equipment to accessories supply, quality inspection and maintenance services.


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