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        Boltless shelving 
        Longspan shelving 
        Light Duty Shelving 
        Heavy Duty Racking 
        Vna Pallet Packing 
        Multi-tier Racking 
        Mezzanine Flooring 
        Drive-in Racking 
        Cantilever Racking 
        Heavy Duty Racking 
        Roller Racking 
        Draw-out Racking 
        Automoble Fittings Rack 
        Moble Shelving 
        AS/RS/ System 
        Steel Pallet 
        Steel feed box 
        Folding Mesh Container 
        Work Bench 
        Instrument Cabinet 
        Iockers and Tool Cabinet 
        Hanger Racking 
        Plastic Platform 
        Plastic Container 
        Folding Load Carrier 

        Shelf Order Guide - How to choose shelf   

        1: the demand side of the warehouse shelf system requirements, or supply-side field view to understand   
        Should normally include: warehouse floor plan, unit (packaging) of goods specifications, features, weight, unit tray specifications of the goods, piled high and the load, access mode (manual access, machine access, automated access) and access equipment, storage requirements, access to libraries frequency requirements, management system requirements, control methods.   

        2: Selection of suppliers for design   
        A different shelf, have different storage capabilities. Consists of: Rack shelf, pallet rack, through the Rack, gravity rack, press-in shelves, mezzanine shelving, steel platform, cantilevered shelves, mobile shelves, drawer shelf, shelf bracket, mobile shelves,   

        C: program to explore and optimize the program reasonable, assess degree of optimization   

        4: Quote, selected, contract signed   

        5: Detailed technical design of the shelf systems, shelf systems manufacturing (preparation, processing, surface treatment, packing, etc.)   

        6: Rack System Installation - Acceptance


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